How do you spend your holiday?

In the past holidays for me have always been about exploring new places. Family holidays involved getting up and out by 10am and spending the whole day out, and I carried on that ethos into my holidays, camping trips and weekends away during my late teens and early twenties, with the occasional lazy mornings too. 

Last weekend Ash and I went for a weekend break to Wales and we enjoyed the simple pleasures of lie ins, reading a book, a full english breakfast and relaxing. Of course we went out for a 5 mile walk one day and spent a few hours at the beach another, but there was no rush, no great urgency to get out and spend the whole day doing something, we just took our time and enjoyed the ability to do nothing.

We’ve both learnt just how tiring working full-time and fending for yourself can be; cooking, cleaning, washing. Especially Ash as we all know farming isn’t a normal 9-5 job. So for us I think we’ve suddenly realised how important it is just to relax and recharge, something that simply cannot be achieved by having a weekend off at home, as there’s always something to be getting on with.

I’m sure we will still go away for “exploring” holidays, just recently we arranged a weekend to the Lake District to walk Helvelyn, but also its been very good for us just to have a quiet, calm weekend away.

What do you do with your holidays? Are they a chance to explore? Do you fill your days with activities? Or do you unwind and spend a day lounging by the pool reading a book?





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