Spring on the Farm

When I first moved here in December I mentioned how excited I was to see the farm change in the seasons, well I’ve certainly not been disappointed! Spring has brought a wash of colour, activity and life. Gradually the trees have blossomed and bloomed with new leaves, the woodland has sprouted a purple carpet, the fields have turned a lush green which has been further helped along by the cows grazing and the animals have woke up and lept in to action.

The swallows have arrived from Africa and are busy swooping around and making nests. The garden birds are also a hive of activity, feeding and nesting. Plus we have seen badgers up near the parlor and recorded footage of a family of them using our trail camera. Hares are almost a daily sight and owls can be heard in the darkness at night.

It’s an exciting time of year and every day you see something different. I never get bored of just sitting and watching out of the window or walking through the fields and gasping as a hare darts up from right in front of me.








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