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52333579-_MG_7900Since I was 8 there has been a dog at my feet. My house wouldn’t feel like a home without at least one furry companion sneaking up behind me and poking its nose in the fridge.

I’ve had a connection with dogs since a young age and my passion to find a career with them led me to gaining qualifications in animal behaviour, management and welfare along with dog training and instructing skills, (I won’t bore you with the whole list, this isn’t a CV), and I’m so happy to have a full time job which involves dog training as well as instructing & coaching people.

Alongside my love of dogs I have always enjoyed writing and as social media has developed I was naturally drawn to blogs. I first started this blog to document my memories and best times in life, then over the years it has developed into not just a space for my memories but also somewhere to share my knowledge and advice.

So welcome to my corner of the internet, expect to hear a lot about dogs, product reviews, training tips and adventures as well as general lifestyle posts, camping, walking and outdoors expeditions. Everything and more from an outdoor girl with dogs.


DSC_3480Guinness is my loyal companion, my first own dog and my best friend. He’s extremely adaptable and embraces any new location with a 100mph attitude (not always a good thing).

We’ve enjoyed a number of agility shows together with some good results here and there, but now Guinness is over 8 and with a few previous injuries he has retired from agility.

Mostly we just have fun walking, exploring and training. Despite the old saying, you actually can teach an old dog new tricks.



DSC_1840Zebedee, aka Zebby, is the newest addition to our family. Born May 2017 he is a lively, happy, fun puppy with a sharp brain & a love for everything that moves. Although challenging at times I’m really enjoying having a puppy again and the learning journey we are both on.

My plan is to train and compete in agility with him, if he fancies it, but also learn gundog training together. Although we may never actually go out and work on a shoot I’d love to have a go at scurries with him, plus give him that outlet that his genetics have geared him up to do.

For the first 9 months or so it’s all about settling him in to our household routine and teaching good life skills and manners for a well rounded pet dog.


I snap away on my trusted Nikon in my spare time.

Photographs capture moments of beauty and emotion. I use my photographs to freeze memories, to emphasise my story, my journey and to take a snapshot of the simple pleasures of life in the countryside with my dog.



*All opinions expressed in this blog are my own alone.

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  1. Hi Ruth I was at digit easter show and when looking at the photos found a some great photos of my borders , I was wondering if I could buy some , as one looks as he is going to do a back flip , it made me laugh

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