Positively Podcast

Yesterday I had a 2 hour drive to East Yorkshire and took the opportunity to catch up on Victoria Stilwell’s podcast.


As I’ve mentioned before I’ve recently started enjoying listening to audiobooks and podcasts and I’d highly recommend Victoria’s Positively Podcast to any dog owner or enthusiasm.

The weekly episodes are packed with information, features, discussions and lots of funny humour between Victoria and co-host Holly. Sometimes there is a quiz by Victoria’s daughter that often isn’t dog related, but the break in constant dog chat is enjoyable.

Although Victoria lives in America she refers to British locations and situations in a lot of her conversations and the questions posed in the Ask Victoria often come from all locations across the globe.

Some trainers and professionals openly criticize Victoria and her program ‘Its Me or the Dog’, but I’ve always found her easy to watch and listen to and her dog training methods appear to be kind and effective. Victoria Stilwell has a strong presence in the media as well as online and I believe she uses this for the best. Her social media page is always flooded with great articles by various authors and she was featured each day at Crufts last year, providing small snippets of dog training advice.

If you’re looking to add 40 minutes of light entertainment and good dog information each week while driving or relaxing then definitely look into catching her podcast each week.


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