The Second Agility Show

September saw us back at Dig It Dog Training Club for our second UKA Show and Dig It Unaffiliated competition.

Now with 8 months of training under our belt, I loaded my pockets with treats and headed off for another weekend of fun.

My Scout group, Rode Heath Scouts, are now volunteering at Dig It shows, forming a ring team and helping with general tasks throughout the weekend. I was running around helping them while sorting out my own dog.

We entered UKA Steeplechase 1 & 2 and Jumping, despite not having much weaving skills. At the last minute I also entered a Pairs race with Lydia from Dig It and her Cocker Spaniel Freddie!

Steeplechase 1 was our first run and all I was hoping for was not to get Eliminated! At our first show we go E’d in both runs. It was a nice course with Guinness’ skipping one jump for the tunnel, but I stopped him, got him round and over the jump and we finished. “YEEAAAHHHH!” I cried. “WE DIDN’T GET ELIMINATED!!” What a feeling! I was on such a high! Plus we only got 5 fault points! Gosh! 

That was the best thing I could ask for. Steeplechase 2 and Jumping didn’t quite go as well, getting E’d in both thanks to Guinness’ tunnel addiction and a mistake on my behalf. But they were still great runs!

I later found out that in Steeplechase 1 we had come 5th and would have been 2nd without the fault! WOW!

Then in Pairs with Lydia we came 3RD! A 3rd Rosette for me! Our first Rosette! Woo. What a day!

Sunday saw us at Can You Dig It? Unaffiliated show. Beginners Agility and Beginners Jumping has no Weaves or Seesaw so we entered into everything!

We had some great runs with our first Clear being in Agility! With great contacts & a fast time we came 1st!! Our first ever 1st Rosette! Gosh!

We also did a Clear in Jumping and came 3rd!

In Helter Skelter we got 5 fault points and came 2nd!

What a great day! One of the judges for the day was a Kennel Club Judge and competes at Champion level so she put together a Pay-on-the-Day Kennel Club Champion Grade 6-7 course.

I walked it thinking I wouldn’t bother trying, but then as I went round decided we may as well go for it. A few people laughed and scoffed at us, but I took my time and we went Clear, with time faults! Then dog after dog was Eliminated and at the end of it I came 3rd! Ha! Out of 3 people, as everyone else got E’d but still! 3rd! Wow! We rule!!

What a wicked weekend!

Dig It Shows have such a fantastic atmosphere with friendly, enthusiastic people! Everyone is relaxed and calm and bring fun and laughter to the weekend. Thanks Dig It!

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