Featured Walk: Graig Fawr


While on holiday in Wales during Easter Weekend Ash, Guinness and I stumbled across this National Trust site with a little car park and numerous footpaths circling around and leading up a small hill.


Graig Fawr sits alongside the little village of Meliden in North Wales. Use the postcode LL16 8DE and look out for the little car park tucked away off the road.

dolphin walk

We followed one of the clearly trod paths to the left and then headed in a slight curve around the hill before picking a path then went right up. It climbs quite steeply for a few minutes but you are quickly rewarded with breath-taking views and one of my favourite things… a trig point!


It was REALLY REALLY windy while we were there, to the point that we didn’t stand on the top for long, but we enjoyed the sights looking out to Pretstatyn and Rhyl.




We took a path heading to the right of the trig point and following it through spiky gorse bushes and out onto a grassy pasture. There were a few clumps of sheep wool around and a holding pen so beware that their may be livestock around when you visit. We didn’t see any on our trip but kept Guinness on the lead anyway. He found the biggest stick and decided to carry it for the final section of the walk.


Within about an hour of arriving we were back to the car and ready to go, having spent a good amount of time up top admiring the views and playing in the wind. It’s certainly not a day walk, or even a half day walk, but the views and different options of paths make for a good stop off if you’re in the area.






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