My Goals for 2020



This may not be the thing I most enjoy working on but I need to make it a priority. I’d love to be able to walk Zebby anywhere, off lead without stress (or as little stress as possible).

Gundog specifics

As this is the thing that Zebby really loves and excels at I’d like to continue pursuing gundog training, such as hunting, retrieves and impulse control.

Arousal around dogs / in new places

One of Zebby’s biggest weaknesses is when he looses his head around other dogs and when he is in a new place. Training recall and retrieves is one thing, but helping Zebby to manage his arousal is the bigger picture.


Loose weight / health and fitness

Mr. Guinman is a little porky at the moment which isn’t going to help his ageing joints, so my one and only focus for Guinness is to get a bit of weight off him and help him to maintain a healthy, happy life.



I have entered the Cybi Coastal Marathon… a lap of Anglesey following the coastal path, held on 1st August.

Getting up to marathon distance is going to be a challenge on it’s own, let alone doing a marathon along a coastal path which goes up and down and up and down.

Evaluate as I go

When I completed the 3 Peaks Challenge in September I was keen to work towards an ultramarathon in 2020, however since starting marathon training I’m remaining cautious about pushing too far too soon.

I’ve progressed a lot in 2019, from my longest run of 7.5 miles in February 2019 to my longest run of 2019 being a 17 mile run in December. However I feel like when you’re training runs are 3+ hours your body takes a bigger toll, plus the training takes up more time. Injury prevention and maintenance has always been my focus and therefore I’m only setting the marathon as a goal for now, and then I’ll be evaluating and adding goals as I go.




Me and Ash would love to walk some of the Wainwrights so I want to prioritise weekend camping trips to The Lakes with plenty of mountain walking.


Long distance walking

I’d love to do a couple of long distance footpaths from start to finish, such as the Sandstone Trail and the Stone Circular Challenge. Plus I’d like to push myself to set a good time on the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge as I’ve taken it quite steady the last two times I’ve done it so far.


Wedding planning!

Exciting times! Me and Ash got engaged this Christmas. Therefore wedding planning needs to start happening.


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