Signed off from physio

Well we’re back here again! Signed off from physio. I’ve just read my blog post from 2014 when we were last signed off after Guinness’ cruciate injury. However it feels so different this time! Last time I was really not sure that he was fit again and so apprehensive about agility and exercise again. I really wasn’t in the mood for training and still feeling glum about it all.

This time I feel great. For a while now I’ve been feeling positive about his progress and the future. I know where we stand and I know we won’t do competitive agility again and it feels good! I’ve always loved the idea of going up the grades with Guinness and I do enjoy competitions, but training is where the real fun is. And I’m just super happy to be able to train him still. I hate it when people say “my dog loves agility” when their dog clearly isn’t that fussed, but Guinness REALLY does. I’ve said it before but he loves it. And if we can both have fun and it can help to keep us fit (neither injury were caused by agility) then it’s all good.

So there we go. A fit recovered dog, well fit-ish, his stamina really isn’t great at the moment so I’ve got to keep focusing on his strength and stamina and then he will, fingers crossed, continue having a healthy happy life. Hopefully no more injuries now please! I don’t think my bank balance could survive another insurance hike. It’s a bit daft really as the insurance pays for his treatments but then the following year they basically take all of the cost back from me by sticking up the premium. I think it’s still worth having insurance as if he ever had a biggie such as a broken leg then I wouldn’t have the funds to pay for that and considering how accident prone Guinness is it’s better to be safe than sorry.
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