Back on Track Travel Mattress

Well what can I say, it’s a bed and he lies on it! But in all seriousness, there’s more to it than that.

I’d been debating with myself about the Back on Track products for a while. They have such a good following and reviews but I’m a little skeptical as I don’t really understand how they work. Plus Guinness isn’t really a fan of a bed, he has one in the living room and he hardly ever lies on it.

Basically the big thing about their products is something called ceramic pain relief. Supposedly the products create thermal heat which helps to aid and sooth joints and what not.

It’s probably easier if I just insert a clip from their website which explains it better than I can:

“These state-of-the-art products incorporate the revolutionary Welltex™ fabric, a material interwoven with a polyester thread embedded with a fine ceramic powder. Designed to reflect the wearer’s own body warmth to create a natural, soothing thermal heat, they can help alleviate the pain associated with inflamed muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints, by promoting blood flow to the area and reducing inflammation.

In addition, these products can effectively warm-up muscles prior to exercise and, more importantly, can help accelerate the recovery rate after strenuous exercise.”

So yeah it all sounds pretty impressive but does it actually work?

I first ordered the memory foam mattress in large but it was absolutely massive! Like the size of the whole living room floor! It’s really thick as well and I didn’t think Guinness would use it, plus it took up too much space. I spoke to the lovely Back on Track people about getting the next size down but unfortunately they didn’t have any in stock. They advised how long the wait would be and told me about similar products which were available. I opted for the medium travel mattress instead.


Well, as I said Guinness isn’t a big fan of beds and never chooses to sleep on a bed (which does lead me to question why I’d buy a bed) but since I’ve bought this he uses it a lot! Don’t get me wrong, he’s not on it all day every day, and sometimes just takes the mic by purposely showing me that he doesn’t want to lie on it… but he definitely gets on it for a lie down more often than any bed before.


Plus he will sleep on it every night. I’ve been pleasantly surprised to wake up in a morning and find him fast asleep on his bed. I’ve tried putting his beds in his usual overnight spot before and he’s just taken himself somewhere else to sleep, never on the bed, but with this Back on Track mattress he’s actively choosing to lie on it.

Fast asleep one morning

Fast asleep one morning

In turns of the whole ceramic healing thing, I can’t really judge if it’s made a difference or not. It’s not like his bad hip has healed from him lying on it, but I suppose a comfy bed is better than a hard carpet so either way it will do some good.

Warming up is massively important before any kind of exercise, be it chasing a ball down the park or doing agility training, so I think adding this bed into part of Guinness’ daily routine has been beneficial. I’ve been putting it in the car as well and it fits perfectly in the space that he lies in so at least he’s potentially being warmed up and recovered while out and about with me. I think even if he just lies on it overnight and that helps his joints and muscles to recover from a busy day then that will be beneficial.

It’s been really hard-wearing and I’ve popped it into the washing machine recently and it survived just fine.

As Guinness doesn’t use a bed but has actively been lying on this then I’m going to let him be the judge of this and take that as a big accolade.



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