Chomper Wet Dog Flyer

I received my Chomper Wet Dog Flyer toy as a prize at an agility show during winter and I couldn’t wait to get out and use it, but first I needed to wait. Since getting it Guinness has been on the road to recovery and not even allowed to run around, let alone swim. Plus I wanted to use it once it’s warmer plus somewhere I can retrieve the toy if need be rather than loose it forever.


This months holiday to Anglesey brought the first opportunity! Ash and I headed for the beach and threw it for Guinness. He was a bit unsure at first, he always likes to head cautiously with new treats and toys alike, but soon he was happily chasing it and carrying it around.

It flies surprisingly well considering it’s not very heavy, as it’s made out of neoprene it doesn’t feel like it’s got enough sustenance to carry through the air, but if you catch a breeze it really pings along. Ash was rather impressed and he’s a good person to judge throwing objects.


It floats fine and Guinness seemed to have no trouble finding it in the waves and picked it up and carried it with ease. I find that sometimes dogs will struggle with the harder or flat toys and large toys can be awkward to carry. This seems to be the perfect balance of size, shape and material for grabbing and carrying easily.


Once we were back home we left it outside to dry and it feels as good as new again despite a few hard days of use in the sand and the salt water, which is exactly what it’s designed to do.

It’s probably going to be one of my go to toys for playing with in the sea or for water retrieves. Simple, effective and enjoyable!

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