“It’s extraordinary what you can do with the power of people together”

I just want to take a moment in this blog to say what a man Greg James is! I know this isn’t dog or agility related but I couldn’t not mention it in here.

Greg James is a Radio 1 DJ and this week he has been completing 5 Triathlons in 5 different cities across 5 days! All in the name of Sport Relief.

I absolutely adore Greg James. I love listening to him on the radio every day and have been doing so for many years. It’s strange because from hearing them speak every day, and sharing part of their lives with you, you do get a feeling that you know them, almost on a personal level.

I’ve been following Greg’s journey and progress all week on the radio and social media and it’s been incredible. These challenges are always grueling and I honestly believe Greg has really struggled at times, but pushed through. On Wednesday it all got a bit emotional when he couldn’t even walk after doing an open water swim in Glasgow.

Yesterday it was announced that he had raised over £300,000 and he said “It’s extraordinary what you can do with the power of people together”.

This morning he went for his final open water swim. Not only did he completed it in a good time but he climbed out and stood straight up with his arms in the air! What a difference to the Glasgow swim. What incredible mental strength and willpower.

After that swim it was announced that the total had reached over £500,000 after being on £400k at the end of his show last night! Half a million! Absolutely incredible.

This afternoon he crossed the finish line in Norwich and the total when he finished his radio show at 5.30pm was £774,194!!

He has covered more than 50 miles a day across 5 days and it’s been absolutely amazing!

The man who is behind a lot of these celebrity challenges is Professor Greg Wyte, a man I find hugely inspirational. He’s the man in the background that is walking, swimming, cycling and running alongside these celebrities. He is the man who prepares them both physically and mentally and keeps them going the whole way through.

When everyone is crowding around the celebrity, getting them looked after, Greg is there in the background, maybe being handed a towel by one member of staff.

A few things I’ve heard along the way this week have been words such as goals, focus, strength and willpower. Whatever your discipline or challenge, be it to run 1 mile or complete a triathlon, you have to put things in to place to give you the best chance of success. This applies to anything in life, be it dog training or competitive agility.

This is why you’ll hear people talking about psychology in agility and why I closely follow the words of Mark Laker, agility coach and sports psychologist. Having a positive mental attitude and setting out goals can make a massive different to what you can achieve.

I think my next audiobook to download will be Greg Wyte’s book, “Achieve the Impossible”.

Greg James’ challenge and Greg Wyte’s presence and attitude has inspired me to go out for two runs this week, and I’d have definitely gone for a third tonight if I wasn’t out straight after work at a dog training session.

Image Source: Sport Relief

Image Source: Sport Relief

Greg James was quite active as he approached this challenge, but hadn’t done much swimming or cycling, and it’s really nice to hear him talk about the journey he went on to get fitter and how he found it. He says how training 6 days a week just became natural to him. This article in particular is a really good read: http://uk.askmen.com/sports/bodybuilding/greg-james-gregathlon-for-sport-relief.html

I think out of the whole week the change from his Glasgow swim to his Norwich swim has really inspired me. Instead of letting fear or dread take over him he said to himself, and out loud, that he needed to push hard, get out of the water and get warm, and he did it! Despite it being the same freezing conditions as a mere two days ago, his physical and mental attitude was in charge and he showed just what the power of the mind can do.

I mentioned this on twitter the other week; surround yourself with people who inspire you. Greg James and Greg Wyte have this week inspired me.

If you want to see more about Greg’s week and/or donate to Sport Relief then click here: https://www.sportrelief.com/whats-going-on/greg-james-gregathlon

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