Flick flacks and wing wraps

Last night Guinness and I had our first agility training session since the Christmas break. It was a very chilly evening so I was glad to be doing some course running. This section in particular was a lot of fun.

Recently I decided to change to using one arm for flick flacks/serpentines (the 3 parallel jump sequence). Instead of changing arm you simply pull back your arm and open your shoulder up to signal to the dog to come over the jump towards you.

Guinness picked it up really well and I was pleased to see last night that he read the signal straight away despite lack of training recently.

However as you can see Guinness’ turns for the wing wrap before the weaves are quite wide and sloppy and therefore some of the session was working on tightening them up, as well as our overall course running attitude.

The final result was very pleasing! Lou the instructor commented on how quiet he was and I hadn’t realise until watching the videos that he was barking much less, which means he was working hard and confident about where he was going rather than whinging at me. In fact it all felt very smooth and together for the whole session, something that I’ve always hoped we’d one day achieve! Onwards and upwards.

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