Ystwyth riverside walk from Black Covert car park


After our walk around Devils Bridge and then the Arch we went in search for a final stroll to finish off the afternoon.

We followed a road that ran parallel to the River Ystwyth and found another Natural Resources Wales car park. The sign told us that we were at Black Covert and there was a 1 hour trail that followed the river then circled around through the forest and back to the car park. Just what we were looking for!

I find it so nice just to be able to follow signs on a walk without needing to navigate. Some people would say its a little tame but I think it’s nice to have a break from “adventure” and actually be able to spend the time looking around, stopping to play in a river and take photographs without having to worry about where you’re going and checking the map.


Although the river seemed calm and was shallow in parts I was surprised to see how far the current took Guinness downstream before he made it back to the side. He’s a strong swimmer so I wasn’t concerned, but make sure you take care.


I think we spent about 2 hours here in the end, playing in the river and taking photographs. The sunshine coming through the autumn leaves was absolutely stunning.

The last part of the route though the forest was quite muddy so boots are recommended. Luckily with the river being so close we could wash Guinness’ paws off before he got back in the car!


Then it was time to go back to our holiday cottage and cook a Sunday roast!

That’s it for my series of walks from our weekend in Aberystwyth, you can find links to the other posts below. Let me know if you’ve been on any of these walks favourite, have a favourite or if you plan on going on any of them.

I can’t wait for our next adventure and hopefully I’ll be discovering some more lovely spots to share in the new year!

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