Devils Bridge took my breath away


The next step of our Aberystwyth adventure started on Sunday morning with Devils Bridge. Just a short drive along from where our cottage was, we parked up in the free parking and headed to the ticket office.

Access is via turnstiles and there are two options here, either a short walk down to the punch bowl (where the river has carved a pot-hole shape in the rock) and a view of the bridges for £1 per person, or the 45 minutes nature walk past the waterfalls, also with a view of the three bridges for £3.75 each. We chose to go on the nature walk to see the waterfalls and also bought a guide for 50p.

Through the turnstile (bit of a palarva with a dog but they can open a gate for you if you wish) and the first thing you come across is a viewing platform right alongside the three bridges.

I love the folk story behind Devils Bridge, although I do feel a little sorry for the dog. There was a copy of the story in the cottage welcome pack and then we were given our own in the nature guide. You can read it for yourself here if you wish:

We followed the walk along, stopping at each numbered point to read the information in the guide book, and quickly you are gifted with the most glorious view across the chasm!


We were so lucky to be visiting on a sunny, autumn day and I’m sure you’ll agree with me that the array of colours on display are absolutely glorious.


As you continue along the path you soon get the first glimpse of the Mynach Falls from the little gazebo. The guide book tells us that the river tumbles 400ft down the gorge to join the Rhidol below.


Next comes Jacob’s Ladder! Very very steep steps travelling down, following the waterfalls. First the chasm view, now steep steps, I was getting a funny sense of déjà vu  from our time in the Blue Mountains in Australia.


Despite there not being that much rain recently the steps were still slippery so we took it steady. Before long we were at the bottom and crossing the metal bridge which brought us out right alongside the waterfall.



Then it was time to walk back up… My god it was hard! And so steep. Guinness was having to leap up some of the rocks, hence the warning about taking dogs round and making sure they are fit enough to make it. Of course Guinness was in his element. I however, was not.

It was quite a short climb as it went up quickly and as I reached the top I felt faint and sick. Is this normal?! How pathetic. After a short sit down and drink of juice I was okay again and we headed through the exit turnstile and onto the road on the other side of the bridge.


It was such an enjoyable little walk, with breath-taking views and breath-taking steps, literally. It did feel slightly touristy but hopefully the money goes towards the conservation of the area, plus it was nice to have the guide book to learn extra information about the area. A must see if you’re ever passing through.

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