In my toolkit this month

Every good dog trainer has a training toolkit, be it metaphorically with different techniques and methods for training behaviours, or a physical toolkit of treats, leads, harnesses and other essential gear.

At the end of each month I’m going to publish a wrap up post, listing my most used items for that month. So let’s get started!


I was recently gifted a Fish4Dogs sample pack and it has provided 90% of Guinness’ treats this month. A variety of kibble samples, plus small and large treats have been perfect for training treats at home or on a walk. Fish4Dogs products contain great ingredients and the Sea Jerky Tiddlers are a particularly smelly favourite of Guinness’.

20150721_213414This Prestige Road Refresher non-spill bowl practically lives in my car at the moment. I started off with the small but then upgraded to the large as it was a better size for Guinness’ snout. I’ll be honest, I took the faffy plastic bit out and it still does the job with the curved edge. Yes if you fill it full and drive like I do then some water will splash out, but hardly anything compared to a normal bowl (trust me I’m speaking from experience).

This Dog Games Fleece Harness is my go to harness for on lead walks. Ever since Guinness had a salivary gland removed he wears a harness for most on lead walks and I just love these fleece harnesses. They do move around a little but the soft straps and Y-shaped front is so gentle on the dog and they’re quick and easy to slip on and off. Plus I love the design and colour options!

20150721_215127Moving away from dog gear, this month I picked up my free power bar from EE. Charging on the go! My Samsung S4 battery is pitiful and barely lasts until 3pm with regular use throughout the day. If you set your phone to aeroplane mode you can almost squeeze out a full charge before the power bar runs out of juice, and it certainly gives you the extra spurt you need to get home with a phone still operating. Hey, you can’t complain when the price is free!

My monthly toolkit post will be published at 7pm on the last date of each month, so catch up with me next time to find out what have been my go to items for August!

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