So have we retired from agility?

The answer is Hell No!

I’ve had so much to blog about I’m afraid letting you know about our agility training had to take a bit of a back seat!

The good news is we are back at it, big style!

Guinness had his MOT check up and the fantastic news is there is no sign of pain, plus he is nice and lean with good muscle tone. One back leg is still a little uneven in muscle mass to the other, which is to be expected, but nothing dramatic.

We’ve got a set of physio exercises to work on but the big headline is we’re back to training!

At the moment we’re hiring the agility arena privately when possible and doing bits and bobs down the fields, working on medium height with jumps and tunnels only, plus the very bottom of contacts to revisit our foundations.

Guinness looks fit and enthusiastic (although a little knackered after a couple of short sessions) and we’ve had no limping or stiffness.

I’ve set myself a goal to be competition ready for May, however as we are not weaving or on full height yet I think I may be pushing that back to June, but there’s no rush. I’m just psyched to know that everything is on the right path.



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