Run Like A Girl

One thing that I’ve noticed from watching videos of my agility competitions is that I don’t run very well. I’ve also been told it by friends. I don’t run fast at all.

I’ve always been fairly healthy and active and when I was younger I could sprint quite fast, although I’ve always been shocking at any sort of distance running.
Last year I took up jogging and got out for regular runs, but now with so much evening work and commitments as well as my job being less active, my fitness has deteriorated.

For someone of my physical age and condition I think it’s only right that part of the agility sport is about the agility handlers fitness and therefore I need to start sprinting hard and doing less girly flapping.

Not sure how I will find the time to do proper running training but at the very least I can try to push myself more during each agility run. 100% commitment!

2 thoughts on “Run Like A Girl

  1. This is my life. I feel like Tess is constantly annoyed with me – that may be a little anthropomorphic. Regardless, she flies through a course with stealth, weightlessness, and precision, and SOMEHOW I manage to clunk around the course and stay near her. I HAVE gotten better though. When we first started, I had to practice even being able to run in straight lines! haha.

    • Haha I’m glad it is not just me. We will never be as graceful & agility as our dogs but I suppose we should try to keep up better. :).

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