3 Peaks for 3 Charities

So one night before Christmas I was sat in the pub with a group of my closest friends and I started the discussion of “what shall I do before I turn 30”.

Ash and I have always wanted to walk Ben Nevis and have the vague dream of walking the 3 Peaks Challenge, so the idea was easily brought up, but then this wild idea started to form in to a plan, and that was it! The ball was rolling.

We decided we’d like to do the challenge to raise money for 3 charities which we all have a close connection to; Cardiac Risk in the YoungMotor Neuron Disease Association & Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

We will be doing the challenge in September, but there is plenty of work to be done before then, including the Yorkshire 3 Peaks in Easter as a training run.

So please like our facebook page 3 Peaks For 3 Charities, share our fundraising site and support us along this journey!




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