My 2019 Goals


Continue to increase his confidence in classes

Zebby has been getting better and better in our obedience classes, but he still struggles at times, so it is something I want to keep working at.

I’d love for him to be relaxed around other dogs and to be able to work off-lead with me in a room with other dogs, so that’s our aim.



I’m not sure exactly where I foresee us getting to in 2019 but as long as we continue working on our agility skills then I’ll be happy.

An achievable aim is to teach him to weave in 2019, using the 2×2 method. I’d also like to get him in to a regular class as that’s the most accessible way for me to train him as it’s cheaper than hiring a venue and I only have limited equipment at home.

Gundog scurry specifics

I’d like to continue working on his dummy retrieves, building up the skills required for gundog scurry competitions so one day we may actually be able to enter one! I doubt he will have enough off-lead focus by summer 2019 to be entering them but we may as well keep working towards them.


Which leads me nicely on to recall! Considering how many pheasants are about at the moment and how difficult that is for him our recall isn’t doing badly, but he does range a little too far at times and therefore his off-lead focus, connection and recall around distractions is something I want to continue working on, in lots of different environments.




As Guinness gets older I want to keep his body in the best shape it can be to help reduce the impact of arthritis and other issues.

Guinness still loves to run and the best thing I can do for him is to ensure he is as protected from injury as possible.

Spend some quality time together

Not only has Zebby taken up a lot of my time and effort but Guinness also now often prefers to stay out of the way and take a step back, meaning I find myself spending less time with him, giving him less cuddles and affection. I need to remember that he’s not getting any younger and I don’t want to regret not spending enough 1-1 time with him in our finals years together.

Cat's Dog Photography_85

Photo from 2015



Half marathon

Eeeek! Yes. It’s going to happen, but it’s probably going to kill me. For the last few years Ash’s brother has ran the Potter’s Arf, and as my running has been improving I’ve decided in 2019 I’d like to run it as well. It’s not til summer so I’ve got plenty of time… but I’m also very aware of how long it’s taking me to progress my running… so the half marathon training has begun now!

Get off road more

I love the countryside and I spend at least 75% of my training runs going up and down our rocky, dirt, farm track, so I don’t know why I then go and run along a hard, tarmac road. It’s not as pretty and it’s certainly not as fun. I guess the only thing that scares me about trail runs is the hills! But I want to be able to do the hills. I want to be one of those runners who goes up and down hills. So in 2019 I will get off road more and find trail races to enter rather than road races (except the Potter’s Arf).





Sub 30 5k

It’s been creeping closer but I found myself loosing the enjoyment the more I pushed for it, so I’ve sat back and instead focused on my distance. I know it can and will come though and I would love to be running 5k’s in a time starting with a 2!


Review progress and re-evaluate

I don’t want to set myself too many big goals now as I need to consider my progress and then add the next goal as and when I’m ready. Half marathon may be the furthest distance I make next year and therefore lots of 10km or 10 mile runs may be my focus for 2019… but I won’t know until I get closer and then through the half marathon and I need to keep listening to my body and make sure I’m maintaining fitness and preventing injury.




Go on more adventures

I want to climb more mountains, go camping with the dogs, see more of the UK countryside and make more memories.


Get more organised!

Who knew having your home could be so chaotic and expensive! Since moving in 2 years ago (wow has it been 2 years already!) I am still yet to get properly organised with my bills and paperwork and expenditures. Plus there is clutter everywhere! We’ve recently had some new storage units put in but they are currently empty while there is stuff around them / on them / in front of them! So… in 2019 I am going to gradually, one step at a time, get more organised… and then try to stay organised!


~ What are your goals for 2019? ~

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