Puppy prep

As the day I pick Zebedee up draws closer I’ve been getting prepared for the addition of a new puppy in to the house. It started off with buying some second hand puppy harnesses when I saw them come up for sale. A crate for £10 (bargain!). Bedding, bowls, collar, toys.


Then I started thinking about the outdoor space and what needs to happen in order to puppy proof and set up a nice environment for the puppy to come in to.

Recently I’ve been thinking more and more about training. What are the first things I want to teach Zebby. What are the fundamentals. What am I going to leave and do later.

While I’m not going to set up a black and white training program it’s good to have an idea of what my aims and goals are and what type of training and exercises I want to start putting into place early. Of course some degree of what I do is going to be based on intuition, gut feeling, when the time is right and depending on the puppies attitude. If he need time to just absorb and settle in then he will have that time. If he is eager and keen to get going we will try little things.

For every one thing I’m thinking about teaching the puppy I’m trying to think of one thing to teach Guinness. This is going to be a big change for him, he has always been an only dog, and although I have had other puppies and dogs around to stay he has never had to adjust full-time to sharing his house and his companions. He doesn’t have a strong grasp of taking turns and settling while another dog is working. So for all of the work and attention Zebby is going to need, Guinness is going to need at least equal that amount of time and effort.


I have booked the first week he is here off work so I can concentrate properly on settling them in, but that week is also going to consist of some typical working day situations so Zebby starts to get settled in to my working routine, but in his own time.

I’m so excited! Lots to do. Lots to think about!


One thought on “Puppy prep

  1. Aww, he’s beautiful 🙂

    We’ve recently taken on a second dog and it’s definitely involved a lot of adjustment for everyone – luckily our other dog has been really good about having her usual routines messed with (so far)

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