Why I enjoy judging agility

Each year I try to judge at least one of the Dig It Winter Shows, if not two if they’re desperate. I’ve done the UKA Judges course, plus know the Dig It rules well so it’s one of my little ways of giving back to my club.

I personally really enjoy judging the beginners level, designing a course that I would like myself as a novice handler, plus which is designed to help and encourage new dogs and handlers. Of course it doesn’t always go right on the day, even the “easiest” of courses may not produce all clear rounds, and while straight lines may be easy for one novice dog and handler they can be more challenging to another novice dog and handler.

Standing still in the cold for half a day may seem dull but I really enjoy judging, especially when the ring party provide you with a good supply of coffee! Seeing handlers running their dogs and enjoying themselves is a pleasure to view, plus I enjoy watching how different trainers handle the course, especially in the higher intermediate and advance levels.

Today I judged Beginner/Anysize/Veteran Jumping (all run the same course) and Steeplechase (all levels).

Here are my courses;






The only slight tweak I made from my plans is that number 17 in the Steeplechase was straight, parallel to 16.

The courses ran well and I had quite a few compliments on them.

I also had the chance to run Guinness around an agility course in the morning. We have stopped weekly training now but I do keep Guinness fit enough so that he should be able to have an occasional fun run at low height without difficulty or injury. His adrenaline really shoots up when we get into an agility ring and I love the feeling of blasting around a course with him, especially with the jumps on low as he flies.

Apologies for the poor quality of this video but hopefully it gives you an idea, I’m so proud of my lazy but epic rear crosses. ;o)

All in all a good day.

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