Juggling life

I think it’s important to regularly reflect on life and the choices you are making. Not only does it allow you to keep track of your goals and progression towards them, it also enables you to make changes as and when needed.

A new school term means Scouts is back to business and I’ve been doing some thinking about the time I have available each week and what I want to prioritise.

In my life at the moment I have; work, dog, family, scouts and dog training. And blog writing of course. I’m currently out of the house two evenings a week every week, with at least one more evening a week taken up by Scout planning and organising. This doesn’t leave much time for anything else, and weekends are often filled up with everything else that doesn’t fit in to the week; seeing Ash, dog training, ‘travelling’, etc. Plus I think it’s important to take some time to relax, watch TV, read a book, just chill out and give your brain and muscles some downtime.

I’ve decided this term I’d really like to give more commitment and effort to Scouting. Without sounding too modest I feel like I do a good job as a leader. I may be bit disorganised at times but the bottom line is we run a great group and the members all have a fantastic time. But I’d like to do more. I’d like to work towards and hopefully pass some of the permits, gain more skills and be better organised.

Therefore something has to take a step back as I really can’t do everything and I don’t function well when I’m burning the candle at both ends (believe me I’ve tried it). So I’ve decided that it’s agility which is loosing out. I love training agility with Guinness and he does generally enjoy it, but considering his age and previous injuries he’s never going to be a serious competitor again so I feel it can take a miss. I’m still keeping him fit and doing bits at home, we’re just not attending regular training sessions.

I’ll still be helping out at the monthly Dig It Winter Series Shows and my plan is to run Guinness around a few anysize courses to give him some exercise and something to do on the day while he’s there with me, but there’s no big pressure to compete or do 5 runs a day, it’s purely just to have some fun together.

Of course I don’t blog about work and I don’t blog about Scouts, so depending on what time there is for other stuff, as well as time to write, depends what I write about. So apologies for not being very consistent with blogging at the moment, but now that I have decided what to commit to and prioritise this term hopefully I can develop a bit more structure to my spare time.

Do you ever find your life a bit of juggling act? How do you decide what to prioritise?





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