Look up from someone else’s life and look at your own

I’ve been debating writing this post all day and I’ve decided to go for it. I’m bringing Blogmas to a close here. I’ve got a LOT on and it’s all catching up on me so I’m taking the decision to stop my daily Blogmas posts.

I love my blog and I love writing my blog. It’s my space on the internet and it’s developed over many years to become a little site that I’m very proud of. However trying to scrape time into a very busy schedule to upload daily post is starting to take its toll and actually making me dislike my blog and blogging, which is not something that I want to happen.

I’ve got a lot more to say and this is not the end of my blog, far from it. I’m just taking a step back to how things were at the end of November. Three posts a week. A level that I could manage comfortably and enjoy.

Getting away on Scout Camp this weekend has really made me stop and think about the things I enjoy most in life and how important it is to put down your phones and look at what is in front of you.

I know that’s ironic coming from a blogger, someone who spends a lot of time in front of a screen writing and sharing bits of my life to the internet, but one thing I’ve discovered from doing Blogmas is that there’s more to life than sharing your own life and looking at other people’s lives online.

I have hardly watched any vlogs in December, simply because I’ve not had time, but after this weekend I’ve realised I don’t want to spend time watching and reading other people’s lives. I want to focus on my own life. I want to watch my own life.


Photo credit: Dushan and Miae via Foter.com / CC BY-SA

I’m sure a lot of you will have seen images like this shared around the internet and they really do have an important message.

I know I know… like I said, ironic coming from me! But just because I am guilty of doing something doesn’t mean I can’t encourage others not to do it. Plus I am going to work hard to make my own little change of habit.

So where does this leave this blog? Right back where it was at the end of Necember. Still blogging on. Still providing top tips, reviews and the likes on a Wednesday. Still talking about my crazy weekends on a Monday and still rambling on about things on a Friday.

There are some bits of personal life that I feel are worth sharing. I mean come on, I’m off to Olympia Horse Show this weekend! Plus I’m still going to be talking about my big event last Friday when me and Guinness were put in front of a camera. But not everything needs to be shared! And not every day needs to feature a laptop or a phone.

So put down your phone, look up and enjoy your life through your own eyes, not through a screen.


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