Aloe Vera


There’s a lot of skepticism around the claimed benefits of aloe vera and limited science to back it up.

I’ve got my own skeptical views too but there’s a few products I use and like so I thought I’d share them with you.

Forever Living Aloe Vera Gelly

Forever Living seems to have as many critics as it does have sellers, which is vast! A few friends and a credited dog trainer I know of love their products so I’m keeping a neutral opinion.

I’ve been using the gelly for about a year now to treat minor scrapes and cuts on Guinness as well as myself. The gel stings a bit when applied to a sore cut (is that a good or bad thing?) but seems to leave the skin smooth and aid heeling.
I’m a firm believer of if it does no harm why not try it and Guinness doesn’t lick at the gelly once applied like he does with sudocrem. I’ve not noticed a miracle change in how things have healed once this has been applied but everything’s healed just fine so it certainly isn’t having a negative effect.

Forever Living Aloe Vera Heat Lotion

The heat lotion is a new purchase bought solely for me (Guinness has far too much fur to use this on him). I tried it on my arm and was surprised to feel the gentle heat and a very soothing and pleasant scent.
I used it at work recently while I had back pain when driving and it worked a treat, whether that be my placebo or the lotion but I didn’t feel the usual twinge of pain again.

Harrington Chicken Rolls


Some of Guinness’ favourite treats also contain aloe vera. Harringtons claim the aloe vera is included to promote a shinny coat and supple skin, however as aloe vera has been approved as a treatment for constipation in Germany I wonder if it is not also acting as a digestion aid. Guinness likes these treats and they don’t give him the runs so whether the aloe vera is doing anything or not I don’t mind.

Happy until proven otherwise

Forever Living products are expensive but are currently lasting a long time, although you could argue that cheaper products do exactly the same thing.
Guinness enjoys the treats and I’ve seen no adverse effects so they have a place in my cupboards, but I wont be preaching the uses without fully understanding what it actually does first!

I’d be really interested to hear your thoughts and experience with aloe vera! Drop me a comment below.

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