Kong flyer

During a recent holiday to Cornwall I was introduced to the wonder of Trago Mills. If you’ve never been basically Trago Mills is a massive store that sells EVERYTHING. From lights to carpets to kitchen utensils to books to chain saws to pet toys to instruments and more. It’s just a great big, weird shop of everything. It also sits along a river which you can go for a walk along, and in a separate shop on the outside is a barbers, plus an aviary (sadly we didn’t get time to go to the aviary).

While browsing the pet section I grabbed myself a Kong Flyer!


I love Kong products and I know a lot of you guys think they’re pretty awesome too, but the only Kong item I use regularly is the original Kong for stuffing treats and food in. I currently have a ring frisbee that makes me chuckle every time Guinness carries it on his head like a halo, but it doesn’t fly very well so I thought I’d give the Kong one a go. Plus at the rate with which I lose frisbees you can never have too many!


Well let’s cut to the chase, this Frisbee flies amazing! It’s got a bit of weight to it so you do have to put some umph into it but it flies so flat and straight and far.


Guinness has been catching it and carrying it around with ease and so far it hasn’t got a single mark on it. I’ve also been testing it with Freddie the Cocker Spaniel and although it seems a little big for him to carry he still manages just fine. I bought the Large size but the Medium would probably be better for anything smaller than a Springer Spaniel (Freddie is a giant for a cocker).


It’s obviously not going to float, but then neither did the disc frisbees (hence why I’ve lost 2 of them so far) so we’ll play it safe and keep it away from water.

After two weeks of use I reckon the flyer is going to last for a long time. It’s definitely the best flight plus the safest frisbee I’ve come across and at £6 it’s not exactly breaking the bank.

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