Owning a dog should be a joy

Not a chore. Not a battle. It should be engaging, pleasurable, beneficial. So many dogs are rehomed because they are “not useful” to their owners. Is your dog useful? Do you get something out of having your dog?

We all like our quiet time and we all want things to be perfect. But learning together is part of the journey and should be half of the fun.

If you don’t enjoy your dog, maybe you shouldn’t have got one. If your dog is a nuisance, a hindrance, then something is wrong.

Do you get in from work, make tea, get dragged around the block in the rain and dark, and then get annoyed when your dog is seeking your attention, dropping a toy in your lap? That doesn’t sound like enjoying your dog.

Do you leave the dog at home while you walk the children to school? Do you leave the dog with Nana while you go to the beach for a day?

Owning a dog is a choice not a necessity. If you are not going to enjoy your dog, please don’t get one. But now that you have got a dog, do the right thing and change things, don’t just dump your “problem” in a shelter and onto someone else.

In other news I have swopped my Astra hatchback for a sexy Ford Focus Estate and I love it! Big boot and enough gadgets to keep my techy side happy!
I’ve already done 300 miles in a week of owning it so about time I treated myself to some luxary. Plus room for more dogs now! ;o)


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