Farm Life

This weekend Guinness and I went to stay with Ash on the dairy farm he is currently working on.


It’s calving time on the farm so I spent the morning in the calf barns! Seriously, who can deny the cuteness of a week old cow!

DSC_3213Then we took a walk down the farm track and up the hill through the fields (the ones without cows in them of course).

A short incline and the views change from lovely to spectacular!


Rolling fields as far as the eye can see. Neighbouring sheep farms and pastures of cattle broken by the occasional woodland. I could have stood there all day. I’d love to stand there on a clearer day, or better yet at sunset!

As we walked back to the farm we spotted a few hares (moving far too fast for photographs) and a family of buzzards circled ahead.


What a blissful weekend!

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