New Kid on the Block

I took the plunge, I have upgraded my camera!

I’ve been craving an upgrade for a while. I’ve outgrown the frames per second and limited number of focus points of my Nikon D5100, amongst other things, so this week I got my hands on my new (2nd hand) D7100.

I adore it! It feels so right and the sound of the shutter alone is enough to get me excited!

I will always remember and appreciate my first DSLR, the D5100. I could adjust the settings with my eyes closed on that camera. It look me on a journey from blurred photographs using Auto to sharp, crisp photographs using Aperture priority mode!

But it’s a new era and now I’ve got lots of learning to do. I have barely scraped the surface of the D7100’sĀ potential. Watch this space!


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