Outside the Ring

“Oooh that’s dangerous.”   “That’s too hard.”   “I don’t like this course.”   “That dog definitely missed its contact.”   “The judge hasn’t marked it.”   “That dog is a bit overweight.”   “Why did they bother trying that!”   “Blind crosses are pointless.”

Sound familiar? If no, and you compete regularly, then I want to know which shows you go to and follow you there!

Sadly, in reality, I feel that a lot of us will have heard these comments from ringside before, and we may even be guilty of saying them. I will hold my hands up.

Now stop the press! Did you know that there is no sound proof barrier around the ring?!

Let’s just stop and take a moment to think about that Judge/competitor/friend that is stood hearing these comments. That Judge, who could be running their own dog instead, or sat on a sofa at home. Or that person running their dog at their first ever show, full of nerves. Or the friend that is videoing the run as someone says “Eugh they should have been eliminated, disgraceful!”.

Stop. Pause. Engage the brain. Have some consideration. And let’s hold back on the sometimes hurtful comments. It may be a fair and honest opinion from you, but is it really worth it if it upsets someone.

If it is really important then consider having a quiet word with the Show Manager or individual concerned at a more appropriate time.

Having been a Judge that has stood in the ring, hiding tears behind sunglasses, I don’t wish it on anyone.

This blog is part of the Dog Agility Blog Event, to read from other agility bloggers on the topic click here! 

The idea behind “Outside the Ring” is to discuss “the non-agility training and activities we do to help our dogs and ourselves when we do enter the agility ring”. But something else came to my mind immediately when I heard “Outside the Ring”… and I couldn’t not discuss it.


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