Plan Plan Plan

My biggest dog training weakness is lack of planning. Its my general weakness in life. And sticking to a plan!

If I tell you guys that I am going to get better at planning then I’ll do it!

SMART planning is key. If I plan too much then I wont do any of it. My plan needs to be achievable in the limited time I have!

Today I am working on Beg (core strength & balance) and Drive To Dead Toy.

Guinness will happily race me to his dead toy and his reward is running off with it.
I don’t mind this as he is getting a high value reward and I can recall a retrieve for food reward.

He will not run to tug a dead toy in my hand unless he has been asked to perform a high-stimulating behaviour.

His Beg is improving but he is reliant on me being close, but not supporting him. He will target my empty hand during his beg and hold it while I move the treat into the empty hand and reward.

I think I shall try to transfer the target to the empty hand to a target stick next to give him a reference point while I increase my distance from him.

2-3 minute session on each during our walk. 2 sessions maximum. Sorted!

3 thoughts on “Plan Plan Plan

  1. Ahhh I need to work on Beg with my border collie, Tess. It’s a behavior that I’ve let fall by the wayside because it takes them so much time to build the strength to do it. My BC is pretty long and skinny too, so it’s been tough for her to get it. We haven’t been able to get past the point where she has to balance herself on me. Any tips or ideas?

    • Yes that’s right! He does it good but It needs improving and increasing steadily. I know my friend gradually increased her dogs fitness over 6 months to get to 5s beg – 5s stand up – 5s beg. Fluid movements between each without putting front feet down.

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