Editorial calendar

This month I’ve been listening to the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog podcasts by ProBlogger (which are so far excellent by the way). Todays podcast covers social media accounts, but more importantly it talks about building an editorial calendar for keeping track of your posts and organising and planning future posts. The first time I heard about editorial calendars I thought “Wow what a great idea, I really need to do that” and then when they were brought up again today I marched straight into Staples…


…and picked up this stylish Laura Ashley organiser! Not only is it beautiful but its got exactly what I need!  A monthly planner in the front and then tabbed sections for notes, to-do list and budgets.
I’m a very techy person, with the notes app on my phone bursting full of ideas and scribbles, but I also love getting my hands on pen and paper. I always draft and plan my posts on a scrap of paper before typing them up.


So I sat down during my lunch break with a coffee and started to fill out my monthly planner with past posts and scheduled posts, then penciled in some post ideas and potential dates for drafted post which have not yet been scheduled.

The notes section is ideal for all my plans, instead of having odd bits of paper floating around, plus I can keep track of my stats and any financial investments in the budgets tab!

Of course everything is colour coded too! It’s good to be organised.

[If you wanna check out the ProBlogger podcasts follow this link:  http://www.problogger.net/archives/category/31-days-to-building-a-better-blog/ ]

I’d just like to clarify that I am not sponsored by Staples, Laura Ashley, Costa nor ProBlogger. However I wouldn’t say no to free stuff from any of the above if you happen to read this ;o)

2 thoughts on “Editorial calendar

  1. Lovely looking editorial calendar – I love stationary so much! Such a sucker for pretty papers and pens! 🙂 Thanks for sharing the ProBlogger podcasts – will see if I can have a listen to them.

    • I reckon nearly everyone can appreciate good stationary! I’ve never been one for designer stationary but this was on offer and looks great plus does what I need! Cant go wrong. I’m a low scale coloured pen hoarder!

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