Down Under

I’m going away for 3 weeks in January. A week in Sydney, a week in Tasmania and a week in Dubai! (Stand down burglars, my house will not be empty).

I’d be lying if I said this is the reason I’ve not started agility training yet, but it does take part of the blame.

Last month after a training session Guinness limped on his injured leg.
A month later he slipped in the field and limped slightly on his opposite back leg.

Im not ready to commit to training him again, both mentally as well as timely.

I have been casually asking myself if we should retire or not. I now have the process to answer that question, and in February I will answer it.

For now Guinness and I are enjoying our break. I will be enjoying my break, from agility, work and this country.

Then, when I get back, it’s time to rock n roll. I’m prepared for either outcome and I know deep down the decision will be whatever is best for Guinness.

See you in February!


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