Woodland Theme Stationary Haul

Let’s just cut to the chase, how frickin gorgeous is this stationary! It’s copper, it’s woodland theme, it has inspirational quotes, ah! Stationary even Zoella would be proud of.

And where is it from you ask… Wilko! Frickin Wilko!

I never really go to Wilko but I ran in for some bits the other week and stumbled across this beautiful collection called Sanctuary. Let me show you each item…

To Do Lists – £1

Instead of searching around for scraps of paper to write a shopping list or recipe on I now have some beautiful list sheets.



A4 Lever Arch File – £2

In this gorgeous gold it has an embossed quote on the front which says “all great things are wild and free”. Ah. Speaks straight to my heart. Unfortunately these aren’t the best quality and it look me a while to find one that clipped down properly and wasn’t too scuffed, because you can’t actually read the quote that well. But it’s beautiful and it’s cheap and I’ll use it so it’s worth it.


Deskpad Today Notes – £1.25

This is the first thing that grabbed my attention and one of my favourite items. Not just because I find having daily to-do lists really useful but because it’s woodland themed and the quotes give you a fab little daily lift… “make today great”… “make your own happiness”. What more needs to be said!


Magnetic Pegs – £1.50

The perfect match for the note pages are these magnetic pegs. I have a whiteboard in my office so I hang up each days list using the pegs, although the magnets are very strong so it does slide down a little.


A4 Ring Binder – £2

I’m always using ringbinders for work or Scouts or just my personal stuff so I couldn’t resist adding this lovely one to my collection.


Memo Block – £2

Need I saw anything, this is just gorgeous with a woodland yet almost marble effect and copper edging. And again so handy for jotting down little notes or reminders.



Storage Box – £3.00

I don’t know what I’m going to keep in here yet but I couldn’t resist it. I love the woodland slogan and design.



Thankful Diary – £2.00

Last but probably the most special, this is a lovely little notepad for keeping a diary of what you are thankful for each day. It’s good practice to reflect on your day and think about the positives, rather than dwelling on negatives, and this notepad is the first I’ve ever seen that gives you place to jot down those positive reflections. This made me think of the Happiness Planner, but at a tiny fraction of the cost it’s a much simpler, more budget friendly option that still helps to promote a little extra positivity into your day.

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