Great British Bake Off: Jaffa Cakes

I’m not much of a baking type, that’s more Ash’s forte, but after we both watched the first episode of this years Great British Bake Off and Ash suggested we have a go at making Jaffa Cakes I was well up for it.


We found Mary Berry’s recipe online and set to work.


It’s relatively easy… make some jelly… put some orange zest in it and leave it to set. Easy.


The instructions say to preheat the oven and get ready for the next stage while the jelly is setting, however as it can take an hour for the jelly to set we decided to leave it a while before doing anything else.

After about an hour we started on the sponge. We overestimated quite how much to fill the tray with the mixture and only managed to get 9 jaffa cakes out of it. It is such a tiny amount of cake mixture, however some of them rose quite high so a tiny shallow filling is enough.



While the sponges were cooling we melted the chocolate, cut discs out of the jelly and then constructed the jaffa cakes.




However when we tried to put the chocolate on we hit a hitch!

The first few times we tried the chocolate was quite warm still and simply melted the jelly and fell off! Leaving a big gooey mess.




But even when the chocolate was cool it was still proving really difficult to cover them evenly with chocolate. We managed a messy coverage and popped them in the fridge to let the chocolate harden, leaving two out to try.


Straight from baking they tasted surprisingly okay! Quite Jaffa Cake-ish. The orange zest in the jelly was quite bitty and gets in your mouth which is rather unpleasant, but I do think it adds to the flavor of the jelly. I don’t think the chocolate we used is great quality either, perhaps a darker, richer chocolate would be more suitable.

However after leaving them in the fridge today they taste lovely! I’m actually quite surprised, despite the faffing with the melted chocolate they were relatively easy to make and they taste alright.

Last night I was thinking “this isn’t worth the hassle” but actually today I’m thinking I’ll give it another go, and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t bake!


Recipe here:

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